Sunday, February 14, 2010


The family, as an institution, is in serious trouble. Divorce, parental neglect, abuse and alternative lifestyle have all contributed to the dissolution not only of family ties but of the values that are the foundation of successful home and family life.

Even in the Church, the ideal of a traditional family consisting of a working father, a stay-at-home mother, and their obedient, happy children sometimes seems a relic of a quaint, bygone age.

Now, in Family, twenty General Authorities and general officers of the auxiliaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints explain how to create and nurture homes that are truly a refuge from the evils of the world.

Concerned parents will appreciate the counsel on dealing with challenges to teaching the gospel in the home. Childless couples, widowed persons, single parents and those who are caring for elderly family members will likewise find counsel to strengthen them. Here are some example:

'Thank God for the joys of family life. There can be no genuine happiness separate and apart from a good home. The sweetest influences and associations of life are there. God bless us to strengthen our home with love and unity and by following His precepts.' Ezra Taft Benson

'No family is perfect -all families are made up of human beings with mortal weaknesses, who sometimes go astray. But family members, including parents, can begin where they are and learn and grow together.' Michaelene P. Grassli

'Make your family prayers a top priority. It may be awkward at first, if you aren't doing it now; and since Satan doesn't want you to do it at all, he will throw all sorts of excuses and roadblocks at you; but if you just proceed and be persistent, I promise you great blessings.' John H. Groberg

'The relationship between husband and wife is the linchpin in the whole family relationship. Literally taking the Lord into partnership with us will bring us a full measure of peace, happiness, unity and contentment.' James E. Faust

'Fatherhood is not an easy assignment, but it ranks among the most imperative ever given, in time or eternity. We must keep trying, keep reaching, keep praying, keep listening. We must keep them 'within the clasp of our arms.' That is what friends are for.' Jeffrey R. Holland

'The characteristics of motherhood, which include concern for others, sacrifice, service, compassion, teaching, encouraging and inspiring, can be the noble labor for each one of us now, with or wothout children. The fate of each spirit in the eternities to come depends so much on the training it receives from those here and now who are willing to help another gain eternal life.' Ardeth G. Kapp

'Hold family home evenings every week without fail. This is a wonderful time to share your testimony with your children. Encourage them to share their feelings about the gospel. Help them learn to recognize when they feel the presence of the Spirit. Family home evenings will help to create an island of refuge and security within your won home.' Joe J. Christensen

Filled with encouragement and heartwarming stories and examples, Familie sustaines the doctrins of the Church and speaks in a relevant way to strengthen every family.

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